Session FAQ’s

This will depend on what scenery/theme we choose together as well as the time of year.  I do recommend against clothing with words, bright/neon colors, or matching one another completely (such as everyone wearing white shirts with khakis).

NEW for 2023 is a virtual styling service that will help you piece together outfits based on your style along with links to purchase clothing!

One of the most important values of my artwork is spending enough time on it to make sure I deliver high quality, unique, mistake-free images.  I hand-edit every single image from your session, much like painting a picture, and so sessions typically take me 4-6 weeks to complete.

To have enough time to plan for your session, I would suggest booking at least 6 weeks in advance.  If you are planning to purchase products after your session for certain events or holidays, I would factor in the 4-6 weeks it takes for me to finish editing your session as well as the 2-3 weeks following it may take to schedule your ordering session and deliver the products.  However, we can absolutely book your session as soon as you’d like!

Having children of my own, I completely understand that anything can happen!  I will do my best to keep them comfortable by playing games, remaining calm, distracting them, and bringing treats (if you are comfortable with that).  If I feel as though the images I’ve taken are a complete loss, we can reschedule at no cost to you!  

Since my artwork and clients’ satisfaction are very important to me, the final product and its quality is as well.  I’ve spent a lot of time researching and testing products to ensure you are getting the highest quality that will last for many, many years so that your children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren could also enjoy them.  I have chosen products that are museum-quality and are also archival so that they won’t fade or warp over time.  They are also created by hand by the labs I use instead of assembly-line style. 

Yes!  I understand how important investing in your memories is but also how difficult it can be to afford it up front. I have a flexible payment plan with part of your session due up front and the remaining balance due by your session date.

Have questions before booking?