welcome to the Podcast

Are you a creative mom who’s felt a bit different from others + don’t know exactly how to fit in? Have you been trying to build a business from your creativity but struggle expressing yourself with confidence, sifting through burnout, or mastering time management while raising kids? Maybe you even do all of this as a single mom while navigating dating + struggle showing up exactly as who you are? If you relate to any of this, let me be the friend you carry in your back pocket who gives you one giant hug whenever you need it while grabbing your hand + running you towards your wildest dreams.

HI I’M Alex!

I began this podcast as more of a verbal diary for myself as I was processing the season of life I was in following a divorce, restarting my photography business, finding myself and working on my codependency, and doing all of these while balancing motherhood as a single mom possibly with ADHD. 😅

After a few episodes, building my confidence, and having soul-fueling conversations with friends, I soon realized that I’m actually extremely passionate about helping other creative women who live kinda outside the box – maybe you’re a little quirky, maybe you don’t want a 9-5, maybe you wanna give MOST of your time freedom being a kid with your kids, maybe you lack the confidence within yourself to do all of this, and maybe you even lack the focus to do all of this AT ONCE.

If you resonate with any of that, this podcast is specifically for you. My goal is to create a family of us weird women and help one another learn to love our unique selves, go after our most adventurous dreams, live up to God’s calling for our lives, and do this with our babies right by our side.