you don’t just want pictures of what it looked like – you want to remember how it felt

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I’m so excited you’re here! My passion is to give back to you what this journey began to give back to me when I had my babies over 10 years ago and had decided to open my photography business so that I could do what I love while not leaving them behind to work. I clung to the bittersweet messiness and joys of motherhood, savoring every bit that I could one picture at a time while turning short memories into little pieces of art.

Motherhood often feels both chaotic and magical at the same time, and as the days pass we look back and see that all of it was the best of times. My goal is to slow these days down just a bit to help you romanticize this season of your life again; and the beautiful thing about art is that you get to savor it all over again as often times as you need to just by taking a glance at it even years down the road.


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I offer lifestyle + fine art photography sessions in Middle Tennessee for families and children! If you want to tell your story through photographs in your own voice, you’ve come to the right place, my friend!

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Do you see detailed, story-telling images in your head that you want to create but don’t know how to make them come to life in Photoshop? I offer video courses that show you from start to finish how I create my fine art images!

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For my creative mommas who run on ambition but lack in vision, I have a community just for you with free resources that help you find your voice, express yourself with your art, and boost your confidence again, all while finding time freedom with your kids again.


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Are you a creative mom who’s felt a bit different from others + don’t know exactly how to fit in? Have you been trying to build a business from your creativity but struggle expressing yourself with confidence, sifting through burnout, or mastering time management while raising kids? Maybe you even do all of this as a single mom while navigating dating + struggle showing up exactly as who you are? If you relate to any of this, let me be the friend you carry in your back pocket who gives you one giant hug whenever you need it while grabbing your hand + running you towards your wildest dreams.