• Protected: Full Session


    This is a 60-90 minute outdoor session for families, children, seniors, maternity, and couples.  It is fully customizable for you and designed to be exactly what YOU want!  You will receive all digital files with this discounted package and also have the option to choose other discounted packages including artwork when booking.

  • Protected: Headshot Mini Session


    This is an indoor studio portrait session that can be used for business professional or creative headshots.  These can be clean and classic for your career or can be personalized for your unique business (i.e. using flowers if you’re a gardener, having your paintbrush and art as a painter, etc.).

    50% of your session package will be due to book and the remaining 50% will be due by the date of your session.

  • Sale!

    Heavy Photoshop Edit


    Heavier Photoshop edits typically take 1-4 hours depending on what needs to be done.  This includes object removal, skin softening, color and light enhancements, and creative elements.  Please be sure to let me know if there is anything specific you want done to your image.

  • Protected: Split-Face Mini Session


    This is a unique, indoor studio portrait session with 2-4 children as well as 44×22 framed artwork.  Sessions with 3-4 children will have the same side of their faces split down the middle.

    $150 from your session package will be due to book and the remainder will be split 50/50: half due on the day of the session and the last half due 10 days following.


    • 20 minute session
    • 2-4 44×22 framed artwork